About us

Graphic design. It's in our blood.

For Underworld Productions, brochures are our passion. An artwork production agency based in Sweden, we’ve had proven experience in designing and managing the production of brochures since 2009. This, combined with a deep understanding and admiration for what a brand is to a company, means we can skip the ‘settling in’ period – and get straight into creating great brochures.

With over 15 years in the business you’ll be sure that every production is at the standard it should be – and a true reflection of the brand as well. We have experience across a wide range of communication touchpoints – including printed brochures and flyers, newspaper traffic ads, and more. We’re also well acquainted with a variety of publication systems, and are happy to retouch images to keep production costs down, along with shooting our own.

We’ll make sure the communication is custom-designed for your specific needs. We can guarantee a high degree of flexibility and efficiency as well as respond to urgent requests. We’re flexible enough to adapt to your needs, and nimble enough to respond to urgent issues quickly.